G. Peter Madstone M.A.
Author’s Biography

G. Peter Madstone was born on Rudyard Kipling’s estate at Wimpole Park, England. While this certainly does not qualify him to be a writer, his early interest in the works of Carl Jung, Alan Watts, Tim Leary and Aldous Huxley eventually lead him to study World Religions, with a focus on Esoteric Studies. It is this that allows Madstone to address the convoluted and easily misunderstood topics that he addresses in his writing.

It was by a simple but powerful realization that Pete, at a very early age, grasped the idea that we all lived our lives surrounded by lies. He grew to recognize the importance that religion, philosophy and the occult has on every culture and individual, and he began his search for the truth on his own. Much later, Madstone began his formal education. In 1999, he received an M.A. in Human Development, with a focus on Philosophy and Esoteric Studies, from the California Institute of Human Development in Poway, San Diego, CA.

That same year, Pete was ordained as a Reverend after a 3-year program of study and practice in the non-denominational, non-traditional world of metaphysics. This world of Spirit allowed him to understand in a very real way those things he had studied in the academic world. Learning of Tarot, Clairvoyance, and Hands-on Healing techniques gave him purpose — Pete now wanted to help others, but he still felt he needed a “vehicle” to carry his knowledge and skills out into the world. He enrolled in and completed a 600 hour certification program to become an Oriental Body Therapist. Courses in Qi-gong, Acupressure, Chi-ne-Tsang, Tui-na and other methods of the Chinese Healing Arts were now assimilated into Pete’s world.

Madstone was now sufficiently filled with mystery, so nothing was strange to him. He began to synthesize all that he knew into one thing, until he realized that while All is One, it is only the ALL of humanity that perceives a lacking, a separation and a need for pursuit. He understood that there is no one correct way for the individual or the collective to base a final truth upon. With this, Pete lost his religion, and found his Spirit.

Madstone’s love for all things mysterious has led him to embrace most deeply Taoism, Kaballah, Occult Symbolism, Magick and the Western Mystery Traditions. He is presently not a brother in any fraternal order, but has spent a short time in the “temple” in his present life.

G. Peter Madstone has, in the past, been a “Keeper of the Mysteries”, but he now has no intention of keeping anything to himself, for what a man has that he cannot give – he loses. Secrets are to be no longer in the world that Madstone sees us quickly approaching.