Da’ath is translated as knowledge, but this is not knowledge as we in the western world would understand it today. Da’ath refers not to information as fact, harvested and stored like a crop (or crap) for later use, but to an understanding in a very real way, in a way that you can understand only by becoming the “subject” known. This becoming equates to a one-ness, a union with the subject in an intimate, even sexual way on an energetic level. Any direct experience with the intangible is certain to have Da’ath involved. This is where Adam knew Eve (but of course he knew Lilith first, and Eve was only one of six rebound relationships that occurred until he was happy).

That being said — Da’ath is first and foremost the place, or method, that  Keter/Eheyeh can know itself. Da’ath is knowledge of the all in one, and the one in all. Da’ath is where I know (actually realize) myself.

As Eheyeh is emitted out of the quaternary process that begins with Ain and results in Keter, a pattern is established that will later be represented by the ineffable, unspeakable, first name of God — YHVH. All before and up to Eheyeh is prototypical experience.

Since this beginning is a proto-experience, it is said it cannot be known, but Da’ath can be known, and all is reflected in and through Da’ath. All things can be known and experienced by reaching into and across the Abyss.

The "unapproachable", completely transparent Keter with Its Blue Star as a "Lens" allowing the making of "opposite" forces.

As all things are as their source is, Eheyeh is as Its source is, this source being Ain, and Ain being nothing. Eheyeh is also Ain Soph which is endless, and it is Ain Soph Aur which is limitless light. All that precedes Keter is only Eheyeh as a result. With nothing else to be, Eheyeh is as it is, but it is something, it just knows not what this something is. Eheyeh pre-Da’ath knows Nothing, but in its expansive/limitless way, it needs to know Nothing as Something, so Da’ath arises in an attitude of reflection — Eheyeh’s self-reflection.

Da’ath is a mirror and provides Eheyeh with an idea of nothing as something, and Eheyeh now knows. It knows all things before they are things. It knows all things before opposition, and it now knows opposition by its own reflection, and so can create via divine opposites — Chockmah and Binah, but I digress.

Eheyeh, I Am, becomes intimate with itself via a reflection of itself in a mirror that is itself. This is what is meant by knowledge as discussed, and so I can begin.

I Am (Eheyeh) is now mated with itself in a direct way, in an intimate way, in a cosmic act of masturbation. I Am knows itself, and “sees” itself, and declares “I am That I am” — Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh. I am THAT I am, and I am no “other” I am. There is no other I Am but the one that comes from nothing. This is self-awareness from the perspective of Eheyeh.

The interesting thing about Da’ath is that while it serves as a mirror for Eheyeh, it is not a flat mirror, nor is it uni-directional. Da’ath reflects in all ways — up/down, right/left, forward/back, in/out, directly/indirectly, diagonally, multi-dimensionally, and through itself. All this for a quasi or psuedo-sphere. All this for a psuedo-reality.

Eheyeh first sees itself reflected back to itself by this “lens” called Da’ath, but it also sees itself reflected through Da’ath, into the lower realms (bear in mind these lower dimensions have not been “created” yet), to the point of omniscience and omnipresence (Yes, I digress again).

Why is all this, or any of this, important? Because now we can discuss ourselves as I Am, and by the power of self-reflection, we can understand ourselves as “I am THAT I am.” By the combined reflection of Keter as it is seen through Da’ath, and by the reflection of ourselves cast back towards us, we can experience direct knowledge of who and what we are, provided, of course, that this image is not filtered by the Yesodic realm prior to our “seeing”. This means we must rise above our Kingdoms in this physical realm if we wish to see things clearly.

By placing ourselves in the geographic reality called Tipheret, we stand directly opposite Keter, the “I Am” of nothingness — the Identity of Source. From this position, we have the most direct “view” through the lens of Da’ath of the Crown we wear. By the power of reflection and self-awareness, we become as I Am. We awaken with a reflection Eheyeh in Tipheret.

Da’ath IS Keter, and Keter IS Da’ath. When Keter is, Da’ath is not, and when Da’ath is, Keter is not. They coexist as one, but can be only one. As one in origin and reflection, they blink into and out of existence eternally in an ocillating waveform. One becomes the other, and the other becomes One. First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain — then there is Eheyeh. Without Da’ath, there is no I Am that I Am — Eheyeh Asher Eheyeh IS the name of this sphere that is only a quasi-sphere. This is Sirius.

I propose that Da’ath is no more a psuedo-sphere than Keter is. By making Da’ath a “real” sphere, however, we do not now have 11, we have 10 + 1.

This is interesting though, because for the time being, some physicists have agreed that, mathematically, there are 10 + 1 universes. Again — not 11.