The sound of a pen?

We all know that pens make no sound when they are slip across paper, doing so well what they were designed to do — that is, of course unless it is a hard felt-tip pen, or better yet, a quill. Yes, a quill.

While I do possess a few dip-pens, they are hardly used, but I do dip occasionally. In my world, quill-pens are like UFOs — I have never seen one except in pictures (and videos). You might wonder where this is going…

Well, as I have said before, I still like to write, and compose my writing, with pen and paper — but this activity (the writing with a pen part) will not be addressed here. What I would address is the composing part – the composition part.

Many would define “composition” as something that implies a finished product, such as, “What a beautiful composition!” I must use the term here a little differently, as something of a work in progress, something in the present moment, something I am composing right now.

“What are you up to, Pete?”

“I’m in composition right now!”

Meaning — I’m trying to figure out what this thing is made of (or what it is, or will be composed of) that I am currently writing. Something must always be said — it must have a point, they say. Well, they would also say the point must be considered the passenger, that which is carried by the composition – that being the vehicle.

I would beg to differ again. Is it the destination that is important, or is it the journey? Is it the point, or is it the composition?

“So what is the point, Pete?” you are asking (Yes, once again and parenthetically, I can hear you).

The point is this…

We really must loosen up our definitions if we want to be free.