We have split what is one into two and have, through our ignorance (i.e. the act of ignoring), discarded a full and complete half of what we are. Since this aspect of reality, or perspective of reality has been ignored and the normal faculties which allow our access to “other,” very specific realities have been unused by us for so long, we are blind, crippled and lacking in the ability that are needed for us to do what it is we need to do as humans, and what we need to do to survive.

From the beginning whence everything comes and goes is where we come from and go. From emptiness we have been placed where we are and know it not – we know not that we are full.

So I speak in parable now, but this will not always be the way. By my own assignment I will guide you from the outer to the inner, and from the Left into the Right.

With our fixed and determined rational we will access our own plastic irrelevance and by doing so will access ALL the worlds and ALL the dimensions. We will discover all things to be one.

We will confound ourselves as we are in the Left until the left surrenders its own hardened ways. We will test twisted logic with clear logic until it collapses in the futility of trying to know what it cannot. It is through this that the Right will become a participant in the dance once again – only this partner values the other, and knows it needs the other. We must place our attention now on something that has never ceased to exist.

I have mentioned the quality of skepticism and the ability to question – I will mention them again. These things must be applied to your situation today and in every moment of every day. You must question your authorities, teachers and experts.

You must question yourself.

There is no way to describe what happens to the hardened neural pathways in your brain when you mind is changed, except that they, too, are changed. Practice changing your mind, and here I mean sincerely and devotedly practice changing. Question everything you can, especially those things that you know – that you are certain of.

Suffice it to say, we must begin with change, and change only begins with change.