The Spring Equinox was one week ago, and tonight is a Full Moon. The days and nights are now of equal length as I find myself crossing the Atlantic once again at 30,000 feet and 300 Mph. I am running from the Sun before it sets over an altered horizon that I cannot see.

In spite of the Equinox and because of the speed at which I am running from the light, I hasten the coming night’s arrival, effectively shortening my daylight hours from a moderate twelve to a scant 7. I know that by encouraging the night to fall, that which I am running from will also rise  again just that much sooner, forcing me to face that light once again. All things are indeed connected.

But for now, I am returning home and flying above an unseen ocean covered by Cumulus Clouds — these are the clouds that a child’s mind would imagine beautiful Angels playing beautiful Harps upon while drawing upon the sweet nectar of God while he sits upon his mighty throne, but I am no child. While the scenario of altered time has not yet played itself out, I rush into the night at unnatural speed.

Soon the Sun will be consumed by the night, but as I look out a tiny, oval window to the South and the East, the sky above the clouds is a rich blue. The portal of Yesod stares at me like a big, unwinking eye, boring itself into me and all I know. This is the Moon in all its glory shining as a day-star before it begins another death process. Her opening into the Astral World is complete, and Gabriel stands proud at the gates of her world beyond called Levanah.

If circumstances were different, I might do a more complete connection with this realm and its inhabitants — honoring them with praise and gratitude. I might run with the Undines on watercourse ways that meander amidst the rolling hills of my destination, but for the moment, my feet are far above the lands where Gods and Goddesses dwell in human form, and my reality is saturated with the droning roar of this oversized flying tin can.

Could I possibly focus my thoughts into a single point of light to match that of the Full Moon in this clear, blue sky? Could I possibly transcend all that surrounds me that is of the mundane — people talking, babies crying, steward/esses  making their appointed rounds like nurses? Could I do this in my adventurous and exhausting situation — in my sleep deprived state?

I have been awake since 3:30 AM only to begin this journey, and have now been travelling for 12 hours. I have 14 more to go before I am reunited with my wife and pets, and my own refrigerator.

I close my eyes and repeat the prayer I was given in my most recent visit to the Temple of the Moon to pay homage to this Goddess in the sky and this gateway to other worlds, rich and strange worlds — higher worlds. I pull down the small shade to cover my view of the Moon and sky. Even thought this sky is still blue, I decide that it is night now. The Moon is out, she is full and promises me pleasant and wild dreams. Darkness falls upon me as I drift off into sleep… .

There are 150 people with me on this flight. How many notice this magnificent Moon in the sky? How many choose to embrace the Gift of Lunacy as they travel these unknown and unpredictable lands of the Astral Plane at 30,000 feet above the Earth?