The general agreement among those who entangle themselves in the various practices provided by our world religions, philosophies and spirituality would say this –

“Step by step we climb…”

I would say this –

“Just step back, and the world might be yours.”

There is a fascinating phenomena that occurs within one who steps back from the world. It is in stepping-back that one develops the necessary “traits” that are needed to unify one’s self with the world around them. By stepping back, one becomes an observer of all that surrounds them, and all they are involved with.

But this is not enough.

I have directly addressed the various attitudes, directions and perspectives that are all part of what I will call here the “enlightenment recipe”, which is discussed in various ways in “Dreams of the Magus.” In that book, I have also alluded to many things that follow this personal shift in perception. Those who have already made certain changes in their lives will recognize these things for exactly what they are. Where a blog does not provide the venue for such detailed discussion as books provide, I cover the essentials only at this point. I mention the former for one reason only – we must begin somewhere in this puzzling quandary called reality that we have created for ourselves.

I will elaborate now on what can be a very special moment for one who wishes to awaken, a moment that forever changes you, and lasts with you until the end of all that is.

I have said that stepping back is not enough. It is only half of the formula because it is a passive thing – it must be balanced with something else, something active. This element would best be called an open-minded skepticism that is expressed by a questioning attitude. We must step back, and we must question all we see, feel and think – it is by this we are engaged.

When you have developed this skill, this position and poise, you are there – right where you need to be. You have, however, reached no destination with this act, you have just begun a journey, and have taken but a single step. Your trip will never begin without this step. I must emphasize this – when you step back and question reality, you have only just begun, really ONLY JUST BEGUN, but this is a priceless and precious event.

It is with great value that you will always look back upon this moment of beginning. It will always shine like a light in your heart and mind, and of all the big events in your life, this one will shine most brightly, for here is when you have claimed your independence, individuality and informability.

This is where you stand as a child in awe of all that is, and it is now you can begin to learn. You stand open to higher and greater teachings, for you are humbled now. You are perfectly human, natural, and suddenly more – you are connected. You are Awakening.

Due to the way things unfold in a gradual way in our lives, the cryptic nature of this topic  becomes evident. This I have discussed before, both online and in print, but will make brief mention of it in a different way here. Things are not this way because “spirit” is such a mysterious thing (which it is), and neither I nor the Universe has any intention of limiting your knowledge or experience, and so you must know there are no secrets. There will no longer be just a few special people who “deserve” to know things that others don’t. Knowledge cannot be a commodity any longer, and so all will be revealed.

But as  an example – A professor of mathematics cannot teach his calculus students the details and nuances of physics. This is not because s/he is unable, and not because his students don’t deserve to know, and it is not because the teacher is any better than his students, for the teacher is the student. It is only because certain foundational qualities must be grasped in the development of any craft, and the fact that these foundations must be built for the building to continue upward.

At this moment, I will indicate this much – in your “beginning”, in your becoming a questioning observer, you have begun your prerequisite work, though it should be considered easier than calculus (of course, this could remain to be proven on an individual basis). As any prerequisite work goes, and as it develops, attitudes will change in the activity. Confidence will be gained by experience, and your questioning will change in frequency and detail. Things will broaden and become more general and more fulfilling. Details matter less because your questions are being answered.

Now, just because your questions about the world lessen doesn’t mean you know more, nor does it mean your spiritual pursuits and desires lose their importance – you will not become jaded. The time you used to spend on questioning becomes time spent on enhanced experiencing, and this will never end.

So,  for  now,    enlargen  yourself  through  study  and  meditation,    step  back,    question,  and   the   world   shall   be   yours.