Due to the amount of personal email I have been receiving regarding “Dreams of the Magus”, I have happily decided to devote a blog to the book, and will no longer be using the Madstone Mystery Labs, Inc. website for the purpose of handling items concerned with this book.

Admittedly, the new layout had a big influence in this decision, for while I had been pondering the idea over the last couple of months, when I finnaly saw this layout with its colors and flexibilty, I knew the time had come – and so it is.

I hope to see direct involvement with this blog, comments (upon comments upon comments) pertaining to the book and this ideas that it inspires in you. I also hope that you enjoy and are stimulated by the ideas I present in blog postings, for this is where conversation can truly take place. The other pages on this blog are fixed pages for informative purposes only, but I also supply a contact page for private contact.

Bearing this in mind, this blog also serves as a media package providing informaton to the book industry itself – reviewers and other professionals can also contact me via this form. You will find a link to this form on the Navigation menu entitled “Contact Madstone”.

Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm – I hope to see you here soon.